Volunteer for UC

Behind-the-scenes activities are the unsung heroic work that grease the skids, and make possible, our visible work in the world. See our full list below or contact us about more specific tasks. Thank you!

Take a training

Building or refreshing basic democratic skills is a good way to get started. Learn how to engage in meaningful dialogue, move dialogue into action, build successful campaigns, and more, while meeting and networking with others.

Host a Potluck for a Purpose

Feeling shy and need to start slowly? Host a potluck with your friends or neighbors! Enjoy an evening of food for the soul and the stomach. Pick a local issue, show film clips on the issue or do a “How to” Skype session, discuss why this is relevant, set another date to meet, and enjoy dinner.

Show a movie

Films that show ordinary people making a difference inspire others. Learn the real story behind the Exxon Valdez oil spill (Black Wave) or the BP Gulf disaster (Dirty Energy). Learn how one person can make a difference (Right Makes Might, winter 2013) Riki Ott is featured in several award-winning feature-length and short films. She is available for Q/A sessions by Skype or in person.

Help a teacher

As a concerned parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or citizen, take a look at our educator packet for Rethinking Democracy course (grades 7-12). Share the information with your local middle and high school teachers for civics and environmental studies. Help make the course available to them.

Form a Move to Amend chapter

Help build the democracy movement! Ultimate Civics is part of the national Move to Amend coalition. Join or start a Move to Amend chapter in your community. For details, visit MoveToAmend.org.

Join a local group

Find out what is going on in your own community and volunteer on issues that match your passion.

You should care about what’s happening in your backyard.” ~ Kindra Arneson, Gulf activist

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