Inspiring youth to engage in activating democracy and emerge as game changers


Civics lessons and resources for grades 6–12

Explores how to:
(1) Move ideas into action; (2) Understand values, wealth, and rights; (3) Understand rights, privileges, and the balance of power; (4) Trace the historic roots of the democracy crisis in current events; (5) Amend the U.S. Constitution to protect human rights; and (6) Exercise our rights to defend what we love.

Youth by nurturing self-efficacy and by teaching foundational civics concepts and skills to take control of their destiny.

Youth as change agents to define their roles as global citizens during a critical time in human history.

Our Mission

Who rules? In a democracy, people rule and every citizen has authority. When only the rich have authority, it’s not a democracy. It’s a masquerade.

Over the centuries since our founding, judge-made law has created and empowered a legal fiction with natural rights. This creature of law has amassed power over the people. This has led to marginalization of people’s rights and authority and the overthrow of free and fair elections, a critical pillar of democracy.

Ultimate Civics is part of the movement to amend the Constitution to establish that natural rights belong to natural persons and that money is not speech under the First Amendment.

The democracy crisis lies at the intersection of race, class, gender, and the environment. So does the solution.

We believe:
…in our youth, so we create educational tools to engage and inspire our future leaders. 

We believe:
…that real change begins close to home, so we also provide tools for adults who need a refresher course in rights, rules, and tools.

We believe:
… that inalienable rights belong to real (human) people and that money is not speech, so we develop teaching tools for system change.

Tools + Rules = Game Changers! 

Special thanks

  • Jane Smith Turner Foundation

  • And to all those able to pay it forward


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